Bands, labels, publishers, festivals, venues, engineers, touring sound hire companies

We want to make vibrotactile equipment available as standard at concert venues where live music is performed and, eventually, in the home.

We invite everyone in the music industry to get behind this technology:
1. Tours and engineers who will allow us to take multiple audio feeds from a FOH or monitor mixer to drive vibrotactile equipment at a live event
2. Labels and artists who accept that their material will not be bootlegged as a result of giving access to selected raw audio feeds.
3. Venues who will set aside a space for the kit
4. Ticket agents who allow the kit to be bookable in the same way that a wheelchair space is bookable.
5. Touring hire companies who will purchase vibrotactile equipment for hire and send it out on tours in the same way that speakers are sent out.
6. Sound designers and engineers who will specify vibrotactile technology as part of a tour.
7. Labels and publishers who will commit to developing and supporting new multichannel ‘accessible’ music formats so that this technology can find its way into the home.

If you’re interested in working with us on this exciting project, please get in touch at MUSVIB or fill out our contact form