We are now ready to invite music fans who are d/Deaf to try the Musical Vibrations kit out at a live music event.

Woman in leather jacket and blue jeans seated with bare feet using four vibrotactile shakers at a live music event

We need to find out:

  1. How the experience of having four separate vibrotactile sources from different musical instruments enhances the experience of being at a live music event
  2. Whether using the equipment from a slightly raised position and with bare feet makes users feel self conscious such that it presents a barrier to the use of the equipment and, if so, what we can do about it
  3. If using the equipment is comfortable to use over the duration of an average live music event
  4. The best language to use in an instruction manual so that the equipment is easy and safe to use if you’re using it for the first time.

If you’re a music fan who is d/Deaf and you are interested in working with us on this exciting project, please get in touch at MUSVIB or fill out our contact form